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Introduction to CNC stone (engraving on marble)
Introduction to CNC stone (engraving on marble)

Introduction to CNC stone (engraving on marble)

CNC means engraving or engraving on different stones, which is done according to the wishes and tastes of customers in various designs and models using mechanical and advanced tools. You must have seen that in some centers, beautiful patterns and engravings have been engraved on marble stones. Yes, these works are the result of the efforts of professional architects and designers who make the facade of the building, the complex and any other part stylish and unique. It is better to do this by professionals who need special delicacy.

In Sarv Sabz Company, this profession is done by skilled architects and designers, and you can receive your desired design only by ordering. It is possible to do CNC and waterjet cutting usually on parts such as furniture front table tops, cabinet tops, dining table tops and marble countertops. This industry can be widely used in other industries and in the construction industry and advertising, the use of CNC can lead to many successes. Engraving on rare and luxurious marble stones can be a creative idea in the field of decoration and advertising.

Stone CNC services are not limited to the items I have mentioned. Today, our designers have created creative and artistic works using these tools and technologies. In addition to all this, you can emboss any pattern you like on the look of your organization and company. This engraving is done on honeycombs, work tables and any tools that have used stone in their decoration, at different costs. Classic and modern tools can beautify your kitchen, home and work environment with attractive and extraordinary patterns on marble.


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