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The charm of the interior with luxurious and rare marble stones
The charm of the interior with luxurious and rare marble stones

The charm of the interior with luxurious and rare marble stones

Luxurious and rare marble stones, which are used as one of the best and most beautiful stones for the beauty of the facade and interior decoration of stylish buildings, have a lot of fans these days and may be seen in many commercial and luxury centers. These stones are usually more transparent, beautiful and polished than other stones and therefore may have a different price. Marble is composed of limestone metamorphosis and has large and beautiful crystals that give a great and unique view to the surroundings.

An example of marble

It can be said with certainty that one of the most important parts of a luxury building is the beauty of its facade and the use of quality stones with high materials. Today, builders of luxury buildings are looking for stones that, regardless of price, have a beautiful and special appearance and have good durability and stability. We have prepared this article for you friends of Cypress Green to get acquainted with some of the features and beauties of marble. If this is important to you, stay tuned for the rest of the article.

If you are one of the people who are building and are looking for a quality and beautiful stone for your building, we suggest using marble. You can use this stone in different parts of your building. This is very important for the construction of luxury buildings, because the tools and materials of these buildings must also be luxury. Marble stones are available in different designs and colors, and depending on your taste, you can order them, and the variety of these building materials is very high. These rare stones are also available in a variety of custom sizes.

Luxury building marble

Application of marble in the exterior of the building

As we mentioned, these days, many builders use luxury and rare marble stones for their building facades due to their impressiveness. The facade of the building is generally considered the face of the building and this may be very important for commercial buildings. Because; The beauty and uniqueness of the work environment can indicate their investment power and professionalism. If you are looking for a beautiful, modern, sturdy look, with high thermal insulation and no energy loss, using marble can be a good choice.

If we want to point out one of the best building facades that have a lot of variety, are marble stones that are used in residential, commercial and office buildings and in public places such as mosques and shrines due to their beauty and charm, are being used. Its unique features include high strength and durability, fire prevention, high strength and durability, and the ability to withstand heavy blocks, preventing erosion and beauty and polishing. Make your building look stylish and special with luxurious and rare marble stones.

High variety of marble stones

Interior decoration of the building with stylish and attractive marble stones

After the exterior of the building, the second issue that is important is the interior decoration, ie one of the most important parts of the building, the beauty of which depends on the taste of the people. With a little creativity, focus and the application of new ideas, you will be able to double the beauty of your home and work environment. Stone decorations usually give people a good and indescribable feeling, just like the feeling that is induced in rural homes. Stone decorations are one of the most classic building decorations that have become one of the most modern building decorations using creative and modern ideas.

• Use of marble for building columns

Columns are one of the best parts of a building where you can use rare marble stones for its beauty. If you have a column in your workplace or at home and you want to change it, we suggest that you use marble to give a special beauty and shine to your home and always turn your home theme into a modern style.

• Using marble in the bathroom

Definitely using marble in the bathroom can be an interesting and special idea. Today, most people use luxury and rare marble stones for the interior decoration of their bathrooms. Apart from the beauty and luster that they give to the house, they also have a high and good durability that you can use for many years without damaging it.

Stylish and luxurious bathroom with marble

• Use of marble in the open

Another interesting idea that we will introduce in this article is open house with marble. We suggest using a stone theme for your open houses to give a special look to your home. If you use the color pink for open, which is also found only in marble, do not doubt that your home will look special and perfect.

Wall covering between cabinets with marble

One of the biggest advantages of using this idea is that it is easy to clean. Many women are usually interested in modern and stone styles. So if you are planning to use a stone theme in some parts of the house, what could be better than marble stones which, in addition to special and beautiful designs, are also of excellent quality and durable and are designed for special people.

Marble countertops are great ideas for the kitchen

When you decide to install a great and stylish counter in your kitchen, the first thing that matters is the quality of the counter. If your counter has good quality and strength as well as good material, you can use it for years. Designers and architects these days usually recommend marble countertops for luxury kitchens and tasteful people. Marble can be the best and most stylish choice for kitchen decoration. You can create interesting ideas with marble countertops, some of which we will mention.

Luxurious and rare marble stones with shiny sex can be great and rare ideas for decorating your home, especially the kitchen. As you know, the kitchen is the heart of the house and its care and cleanliness can be energizing for the members. When you hang a beautiful and bright chandelier on top of this counter, this professional lighting adds to the charm and glamor of the marble counter. It is a wise and appropriate choice to use marble for the modernity of the Kurdish kitchen and its beauty to give a beautiful design and a stunning view to the house.

Attractive suggestions for using marble countertops

1. Marble counter with wooden German

One of the most attractive ideas that you can implement in your kitchen when using a wooden counter is to use these counters with wooden cabinets, which give the counter the shape and image of a wooden cabinet and create an ideal view. This way you can take advantage of attractive modern and classic styles and install a pristine marble island in the center of your kitchen. Do not forget to leave this task to architects and interior designers who are professionals in their field and offer you the best.

Wooden counters of marble countertops

2. Marble counter next to neutral colors

Luxury marble stones with a variety of designs and colors that are placed in them, are used in every corner of the house and workplace, etc. Another stunning idea that green cedar architects and designers offer to your tasteful loved ones is the marble counter in neutral colors like gray, which has many fans these days and is more visible. For example, light gray color with these counters will have an attractive and pleasant view.

3. Black marble counter

The use of black colors in luxury and rare marbles always has a special place compared to other colors. This counter gives a special view to the kitchen and gives a modern and modern style to you dear ones. If you want to give a different look to your kitchen, use black marble countertops and choose the wall between the cabinet and the wall behind the gas in the same color. This type of design is recommended for large kitchens. Our designers will help you in this regard.

Black marble stones

Introduction to CNC stone (engraving on marble)

CNC means engraving or engraving on different stones, which is done according to the wishes and tastes of customers in various designs and models using mechanical and advanced tools. You must have seen that in some centers, beautiful patterns and engravings have been engraved on marble stones. Yes, these works are the result of the efforts of professional architects and designers who make the facade of the building, the complex and any other part stylish and unique. It is better to do this by professionals who need special delicacy.

In Sarv Sabz Company, this profession is done by skilled architects and designers, and you can receive your desired design only by ordering. It is possible to do CNC and waterjet cutting usually on parts such as furniture front table tops, cabinet tops, dining table tops and marble countertops. This industry can be widely used in other industries and in the construction industry and advertising, the use of CNC can lead to many successes. Engraving on rare and luxurious marble stones can be a creative idea in the field of decoration and advertising.

CNC Stone

Stone CNC services are not limited to the items I have mentioned. Today, our designers have created creative and artistic works using these tools and technologies. In addition to all this, you can emboss any pattern you like on the look of your organization and company. This engraving is done on honeycombs, work tables and any tools that have used stone in their decoration, at different costs. Classic and modern tools can beautify your kitchen, home and work environment with attractive and extraordinary patterns on marble.

Waterjet for cutting and decorating marble

Another way to create extraordinary decorations and cuts on marble and other stones is to use the waterjet industry. With this profession, you can design any design you want on the stones and tiles of the bathroom, kitchen, murals, building facades, etc., and add to the beauty of the interior decoration of the house and work environment. Waterjet has many benefits. In fact, without creating a sharp surface with rough edges on the stone, it cuts the stone into a variety of shapes.

Luxurious and rare marble stones with these two professions of waterjet and engraving look many times dazzling and beautiful. Using this method has a good price and the work can be done easily without wasting raw materials, using toxic gases and dust from saws and razors. In fact, this method is very popular in stylish and luxurious houses these days, and our architects and designers also do this in the best possible way according to the wishes and tastes of customers and according to the decoration of your home.

Waterjet for cutting and decorating marble

Designers and architects are always looking for ways to use stones in the design of buildings. Because this method, which is done in modern and classic types, gives a special look to the building and has good durability. Waterjet stones also refer to a type of decorative stones on which beautiful patterns are embedded. These types of stones are mostly used in the lobby of luxury and commercial buildings and create a beautiful and ideal atmosphere and are designed depending on your taste.

Applications of waterjet stone in the beauty of buildings

As mentioned above, significant applications can be considered for these stones. These stones are widely used to create a stylish and beautiful atmosphere in the reception and may be seen in many luxury homes. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that when using this stone, make sure that the house is arranged in such a way that it is not placed under the carpet or furniture and is visible. Such expenses that you have made for it will not be wasted.

When designing these patterns, make sure that they are in the part that is in the focal point of the house. If you have columns in your home or complex, you can also use waterjets on them. Luxurious and rare marble stones in different designs, which are done with great elegance, will create a special and unique atmosphere in that environment. Other uses for these stones include stone tablets and decorative sculptures, which make your home décor look amazingly different and eye-catching.

Waterjet technology

Application of rare marble stones in building design

As we all know, one of the hardest and most precious stones found in nature is marble. The existence of this feature has caused these stones to be used as pillars, walls, etc. in many large and luxurious buildings. Marble is one of the tools that is very rare and it is obvious that its price is slightly different from other materials. From time immemorial, people have used this hard and durable stone in their homes.

In ancient times, this type of stone was mostly used in sculpture and decorative vases, examples of which you may see in some houses. In fact, decorative sculptures made of marble give a special beauty and shine to the house. Marble stones are mostly used in kitchen floors, walls between cabinets, bathrooms and toilets, etc., and as you have seen in the above sections, the exterior of the building is turned upside down. Just be careful not to expose these stones to strong sunlight, which may fade over time.

Everything about marble

Familiarity with different types of marble stones

Luxurious and rare marble stones in different types as well as special colors that only this theme of special colors can be searched in this type of stone. Types of marble are colored, gray, green, yellow, pink, brown, white, cream, black and red. And in terms of metamorphosis, they are divided into different types of crystals or crystals of calcite and all-crystalline texture, which are composed of small grains of the same size as crystals, which are astonishingly beautiful and very attractive and dazzling.

Do you know the reason for all this variety of beautiful colors in these natural stones? According to research, the presence of iron, aluminum, magnesium and یم salts in marble has caused a variety of different colors to be seen due to hydrated iron oxide and dehydrated or dehydrated iron oxide. It is because of this beauty and uniqueness that marble stones are mostly used in interior decoration. To make your living space more special and beautiful, leave this task to Sarv Sabz Architecture Company, which specializes in designing and designing luxury building stones.

Marble floor design

Using rare and luxurious marbles as flooring can also be an interesting idea and option. You can implement this solution on the bedroom floor, which makes the space of the house shine and beautiful. One of the advantages that can be mentioned for this style of flooring is its easy cleaning. Marble stones are made in such a way that any dirt and dust can be easily removed from them. If you live in a place with very hot weather, the use of marble flooring will be very ideal and pleasant.

Kitchen theme with marble stones

The final word of luxurious and rare marble stones

In this article, we talked about one of the hardest and most valuable building materials, marble. This stone is used in many parts of the country today due to its resistance to climate change, humidity and abrasion and many other artificial and natural factors. We have gathered this article to acquaint you, dear friends and companions of Sarv Sabz, with one of the best and rarest stones that gives a different look to your homes and commercial complexes.

The designers and architects of Sarv Sabz interior design and decoration company, with several years of experience and knowledge that they have gained in this field, can be a good guide in this profession. Ask for beautiful stone designs of your houses from Sarv Sabz. In addition to luxury and rare marble stones, we are inspired by other stones in nature and create a new and new style in interior design. If you care about the decoration and modernity of your home and workplace, we suggest you contact our experts in this regard.


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