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Reconstruction of old and dilapidated buildings in order to increase the life of the building

Interior design

Designing interior spaces and decorating all kinds of uses with modern ideas

Building stone

Preparation and production of all kinds of luxury building stones

Building architecture consulting

Designing interior spaces and decorating all kinds of uses with modern ideas

Designing gardens & villas

Designing, supervising and implementing all kinds of construction projects, including gardens and villas

Implementation of stone facade

Implementation of all types of stone monuments in the most professional and beautiful way possible



There are many answers to this question that are determined depending on your circumstances and needs. But in short, home renovation has the following advantages:

  • In the renovation, you can implement your desired plan.
  • In this process, you can pay only for the parts you need.
  • You will renovate that house without moving and hassles.
  • By renovating the apartment, you increase the value of your property.
  • You help to reinforce and strengthen the building and use energy more efficiently.
  • You make your living space more beautiful.

Usually, for the total renovation of a residential unit without considering plan changes and assuming the use of first-class Iranian materials, a budget of about 5 million Tomans per square meter is needed.

You can contact us for an accurate estimate of the project cost.

Project design usually begins with an expert visit to the project site or by sending pictures of the property. Then, with the approval and consultation of the owner, the implementation items of the project are determined and a three-dimensional plan of the final design is presented.

50 working days will be the total project time for the complete renovation of a residential unit with a size of 100 square meters without plan changes.

  • A percentage contract, where a percentage of the final invoice is paid as the contractor’s fee.
  • Lump sum contract, usually a fixed amount is determined as the contractor’s fee, and the cost of materials is injected into the project in installments.
  • Management contract, where all costs are paid to the contractor and he is obliged to manage it.

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